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Stories from the SeaPosted by myra sjöberg Mon, August 17, 2015 18:29:51

Here's a look at a huge painting I did some time ago.
It is inspired by old Scandinavian and Islandic legends of mysterious creatures called Draugr.

A Draugr is a sort of ghost or revenant that exists either by the ocean or on land - usually it is an undead creature that protects a treasure or comes back from beyond the grave to exact revenge on the living.
I wanted my painting to evoke a dream-like quality and an air of longing. A sort of siren-call from the edge between dream and reality.

It took all summer to paint this one and there were a lot of times that I pondered the irony of being stuck painting an ocean instead of spending time in the real thing. But there were times late at night where I felt the painting come alive and that always makes all of the isolation and hard work worth it.

If I get the opportunity I will definitely post some better photos of it. It is as I mentioned quite big (150x200 cm) and there's a lot of detail that might get lost in this small photo.
But if you click on the image you will be able to see a slightly bigger version on my Flikr page.
Hope you like it!


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