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Fresh StrokesPosted by myra sjöberg Mon, May 16, 2011 23:04:30

While I was in Skagen visiting my dad, it seemed like a good idea to do a little work at the same time. I had wanted to paint something with sparrows in it for a long time - and I had started to do a little research on the meaning of these beautiful and yet common little birds. I discovered that the ancient greek poet Sappho used sparrows as a symbol of love - or moreover, as messengers and vehicles of love. For instance, i her poem 'the Hymn to Aphrodite' sparrows draw the wagon of the lovegoddess' across the skies.
So I decided to make a portrait of Sappho. If you would like to see it in its true dimensions (100x150cm) feel free to visit my father's glass workshop in Skagen, its called Skagen Glasværksted and its located at Sct. Laurentiivej 95, Skagen.

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